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Values-led Learning

At KP&A we teach, model and coach leaders to become the best forms of themselves, enabling you to lead without limitation in terms of skills, mindset or behaviour.

Leadership & Organisational Consultancy
Leadership & Team Training Facilitation
Action Learning
Executive Coaching
Well-Being Coaching
Coaching of Women in Leadership

What our clients say

“Katherine is the ultimate professional. She creates an atmosphere through coaching which supports and challenges you to think outside the box and create solutions to guide your practice and leadership. Katherine, has the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate the decisions you have to make to become successful. I have thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Katherine and the coaching experience and although, at first, sceptical, have now come away with achieving my initial goals and setting new ones to overcome. I whole heartedly recommended Katherine as a leadership coach.”

Gavin Summerfield, Deputy Head Teacher, Birkbeck Primary School

What our clients say

“Kathryn has been a senior colleague and co- lead on the school improvement programme that we have been developing in Bexley. The output is exceptional , highly relevant to school leaders wanting to receive credible content by experienced people and critically it can be delivered by the team . As an experienced senior leader herself , Kathryn’s style is engaging and incisive . Her coaching skills are second to none and just thank you for all you are doing with us.”

Jackie Tiotto, Director

What our clients say

“Belatedly, I have to thank Katherine Powell for her guidance, support, active listening, prodding, challenging, mentoring and COACHING over the last six months. I came into my first leadership role with feelings of impostor syndrome and inadequacy - how was I going to measure up to my predecessor, be taken seriously with no experience in the field of D&I, deliver the best possible experience for women at Sky and then consider my next steps. Having a safe space in which to explore and gain clarity was absolutely invaluable. Katherine Powell was just what I needed - a wonderful, gentle but strong manner, recognising when I could be pushed and stepping back to allow me to process and reach my 'AHA' moments. I remember leaving our first session feeling physically lighter. I cannot recommend Katherine strongly enough and want to say THANK YOU for being my coach over this period.”

Tamara Gray, Head of Delivery, CSG Change, Sky
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