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Systemic Team Coaching and Diagnosis

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Improve together; change the system around you for the better

By using a range of techniques, our AOEC-certified Systemic Team Coaches and certified MBTI practitioners work with leadership teams to improve their performance and overall effectiveness by:

  • Empowering senior leaders to build strong relationships within their teams
  • Collaborating to form a strong vision and shared set of standards
  • Creating robust systems and processes that allow the team to set challenging targets and hold each other to account for their success
How it works

We start by using the MBTI® tool to identify the different strengths and personalities of the individual team members. The MBTI® instrument is the best known and most trusted personality assessment on the market.

We then start to build self-awareness through team coaching, allowing each individual to understand how the personality types within the team work together and where their similarities and differences exist. The coach will begin the process by drawing up a contract with the team for how they might work together, creating a safe space for the team to take responsibility for their learning. Everything discussed is confidential to the group.

The team will begin to understand how they might use and flex their personality types in order to perform individually and collectively at their best.

Further tools, such as Team Connect 360 reviews, are used to diagnose the group’s awareness of each other, their strengths, blind-spots and limitations. KP&A’s expert team of coaches will then, through team coaching sessions:

  • Share and explore the outcomes of 360 reviews with the group
  • Enable the team to identify priorities and articulate shared goals through coaching and discussion about key components of the enquiry and co-diagnosis process
  • Employ Hawkins’ 5cs model for team coaching to build the teams ability to work together more effectively.
  • Regularly review the groups’ progress against their shared priorities.

The team coaching process typically lasts between six months and one year. It is empowering, challenging, enlightening and transforming. It is not an easy process but is one that enables the team to look at their dynamics and work through these in order to enhance performance and satisfaction.


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