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Values-led Learning

At KP&A we teach, model and coach leaders to become the best forms of themselves, enabling you to lead without limitation in terms of skills, mindset or behaviour.

Leadership & Organisational Consultancy
Leadership & Team Training Facilitation
Action Learning
Executive Coaching
Well-Being Coaching
Coaching of Women in Leadership

What our clients say

"Coaching has enabled me to gain greater confidence from understanding who I am and what I have to offer. I have shaped my goals and developed my leadership skills. I now believe in my style and I am happy to be authentic in my approach."

Executive, Sky UK

What our clients say

"Coaching with KP&A has given me confidence when I wasn’t sure I was being clear. It has helped me find my own voice and then use it which was the key thing I wanted from coaching. I am more likely to be brave and bold now because I am able to articulate what I want, what the expectations are and to ensure that we are all working towards it. I have enjoyed the challenge when I am called out too – the further you go up the ladder, the less people are willing to do this I find. It is necessary for me to have this and I welcome it."

CEO – Start Up Business

What our clients say

“Katherine has been a senior colleague and co- lead on the school improvement programme that we have been developing in Bexley. The output is exceptional , highly relevant to school leaders wanting to receive credible content by experienced people and critically it can be delivered by the team . As an experienced senior leader herself , Katherine’s style is engaging and incisive . Her coaching skills are second to none and just thank you for all you are doing with us.”

Jackie Tiotto, CEO - CAFCASS
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