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Become the leader you aspire to be; develop the leaders you need to excel

KP&A are expert in building bespoke and tailored learning opportunities that cultivate exceptional leadership behaviours and skills in leaders, teams and organisations. With extensive executive leadership experience across both public and corporate sectors, as well in-depth understanding and knowledge of leadership theory, our facilitators provide rich and meaningful learning opportunities, enabling leaders to excel.

Whether bite-sized training, one-day experiences or entire leadership programmes, we can build and deliver it all.

Building the programme

The emphasis is on bespoke. From the very beginning, we set out to co-produce a programme that meets your organisation’s specific requirements through our 4-stage process.

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Stage 1 – Co-diagnose

Our skilled content creators will listen and work with you to understand the needs of both the organisation and the individuals within. Through the use of diagnostic tools and/or discussion, a clear set of objectives will emerge that will define the nature of the programme.

Stage 2 – Co-produce

We will work with you to decide on the appropriate structure, content, theoretical models and duration of the programme in order to achieve the objectives set out in stage 1.

Stage 3 – Co-provide

Using a blend of our expert facilitators and building on the strengths of your organisation, we will deliver the programme according to our shared design. We look after the administration, organisation and facilitation so that you can focus on the learning experience.

Stage 4 – Co-evaluate, Co-recommend

At agreed review points, we work with you to understand the impact of your programme, deciding jointly on refinements and additions to the content, as well as continuation programmes.

Example Programmes

All of our programmes are bespoke and, as such, both the length and content are specific to each client’s requirements.

All of our programmes can be tailored to a format that suits the needs of your organisation. This can include virtual delivery, face-to-face delivery, the use of webinars, coaching, psychometrics and/or 360 feedback, facilitated workshops, or a blended approach.

Women Without LimitsThis course provides the opportunity to explore what constitutes incredible leadership and to explore some of the challenges that women may face, but overcome, building a network with other like-minded women.• Learn about, and challenge thinking around what outstanding leadership is, the role of personality-style and the art of creating incredible people and inspiring cultures.
• Participants learn key coaching skills and tools for honest conversations, and explore challenges that women in leadership face.
This is a course for new, aspiring and experienced senior women leaders. This is a place to network with other similar inspirational women leaders.
Transactional Analysis for Leaders and Coaches
Participants learn how to improve the dynamics, relationships and communication within the workplace by understanding how ego-states, drivers and games influence interactions with others.
• Learn about Berne’s ego-states of child, parent and adult, and how interactions with others are influenced by these states.
• Participants will reflect on their interactions and how, by changing the ego-states, they can improve team performance.
• Participants will go on to understand how their drivers (inbuilt behaviours) and psychological games play out in day to day transactions.
Leaders at all levels, and of all experiences, who wish to explore how productivity in the workplace can by improved through interactions with others.
Personality Type for Leaders and Teams
Participants learn what their MBTI personality type is, their strengths and blind spots, how they relate to others, flexing opportunities for better relationships and the impact of personality on team dynamics.


Prior to the start of the programme, each participant completes an online MBTI Step I or II assessment.
• The session will begin by safely delving deeper into each participant’s personality type using MBTI.
• Use interactive activities to help understand and self-identify personality preferences. Consider how the individual personality types within the team work together and where their similarities and differences exist and how these will affect the overall team dynamics, performance and satisfaction.
• Understand how they might use and flex their types in order to perform individually and collectively at their best.
Leaders at all levels, and of all experiences, who wish to explore how their personality shows up in their style, workplace or team.
Lead Without Limits: New to LeadershipFor those new to a leadership role whether this be at middle or senior level. The course will explore:
The Roles, responsibilities, standards and behaviours of inspirational leaders.
Developing skills in handling your people and getting the best out of them.
Setting vision and delivering with impact – systems and processes for success.
• What it means to be a leader, the behaviours and the standards of the most effective leaders.
• Participants consider the highly effective team members and the more challenging ones, learning strategies and approaches for honest conversations and line managing effectively.
• Participants also unpick their vision, standards, systems and processes which will lead them to the impact they desire.
This course is for leaders up to a year in their first post. This will be both inspiring and challenging in equal measure and will require participants to really critically evaluate their strengths, development needs and motivations.
Leading Others: Mapping and Line Managing
This course gives leaders at all levels the skills required to successfully identify where those they line manage are in terms of their performance, the best strategies for transforming performance and practical approaches to mentoring and line management.
• The Tuckman Model of Change and how it relates to the leadership performance of those you line-manage.
• Using Tuckman and the McKinsey 9-Box grid, you start to formulate a people strategy that delivers with impact as a line manager.
• Focus upon the use of mentoring and line management to improve the impact of team-members who are ‘storming’ or ‘norming’.
This course is suitable for anyone who line manages others and wants to manage performance more effectively.
Leading Others: Honest Conversations and Dealing with Difficult BehaviourThis course gives leaders at all levels the skills required to have challenging and honest conversations with those whose performance or behaviours need to significantly improve.Explore:
• The conditions for holding honest conversations.
• Types of difficult behaviour
• Common fears about honest conversations.
• A seven-step framework for opening honest conversations and a four-step framework for finding solutions to move the situation forward
• The common errors made when addressing poor or difficult behaviour
• Participants will explore strategies for dealing with the emotional wake after the conversation has taken place.
This course is suitable for anyone who line-manages others and wants to manage performance more effectively.
Leading Others: Coaching For Impact
This course gives leaders at all levels the skills required to successfully coach those in their line management and to begin the process of establishing a culture for coaching behaviour.
• The Tuckman Model of Change and how this can help determine when coaching is a useful tool to transform performance.
• The key skills and attributes of a coach including influencing, questioning and active listening skills, and how these can change behaviour
• Setting the scene for coaching – getting the context right and setting up a coaching culture
• The GROW model for coaching
This course is suitable for leaders who are new to coaching others or who wish to refresh their skills.
eading Others: Building Effective TeamsThis course gives leaders at all levels the skills required to successfully lead high performing teams. This course is ideal for anyone leading a team with the potential for improvement.• This course will explore the traits of effective teams and the signs of ineffective ones, focussing on the work of Lencioni.
• Participants will assess the strengths and development points of their teams and then learn practical strategies that can be used to increase team impact and performance.
• From forming psychological contracts, overcoming personality difference to building purpose and trust, this session will focus on the behaviours of those leaders who lead their teams most effectively.
This course is suitable for anyone who line manages others and wants to manage performance more effectively.

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