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Empower others to be the best forms of themselves

The Lead Without Limits: EMCC Foundation and Practitioner Awards in Coaching

KP&A offer EMCC coaching training and accreditation at two EMCC accreditation levels (Foundation and Practitioner).

The Foundation training is suitable for individuals:

  • Who wish to gain an understanding of the practice of coaching and to have the core skills of coaching
  • Who are likely to be working with others using coaching conversations to support and encourage development of skills/performance
  • Who wish to use a coaching approach within their own field/role and clearly understand how their coach role integrates with their vocational roles

The Practitioner training is suitable for individuals:

  • Who will either be working as an internal mentor/coach, use mentoring/ coaching as part of their main job or starting up as an external mentor/coach
  • Who are likely to be working with a small range of clients/contexts and within own area of experience to improve performance, build confidence and stretch capability
  • Who will typically be able to apply a limited range of models, tools and processes

Both programmes provide you with the opportunity and support to successfully understand, demonstrate and achieve the EMCC Foundation or Practitioner competencies within the EMCC competency categories of:

  • Understanding self
  • Commitment to self-development
  • Managing the contract
  • Building relationships
  • Enabling insight and learning
  • Outcome and action orientation
  • Use of model and techniques
  • Evaluations

Both courses are equivalent to EQF undergraduate level 3 and 5 study, are EMCC EQA accredited and lead to EIA status. The EMCC Global EIA is an internationally recognised award that demonstrates that an individual practising as a professional mentor/coach has the appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to apply it effectively in their practice.

The course is highly interactive and makes use of a number of activities, reflective practice groups and workshops to deliver the content. The course facilitators are all highly trained and qualified, EMCC accredited and experienced in the field of coaching.


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