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Be the best coach you can be for the benefit of your clients

KP&A provide qualified and experienced supervisors who work with a wide range of coaches and leaders across public, commercial and third sectors following the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.

The coaching supervision process is designed to provide coaches with support for their well-being, ensure that their professional standards are maintained and, crucially, to facilitate the development of the coach’s professional practice for the benefit of their clients through reflective dialogue with the supervisor.

Who we work with

We work with all types of coach, both on an individual basis or as a group, as professional equals. Groups may be from the same organisation, or they may come from a variety of different backgrounds. Your supervisor will create a safe space for you to take responsibility for your learning in your practice. The supervisor will listen, question and explore, occasionally drawing on coaching, counselling and training, so that you can achieve your desired development goals. Everything discussed is confidential.

How it works

Coaching supervision is undertaken on a 1:1 basis, or as a group of 4-6 coaches working together.

We begin by matching you with a supervisor who can facilitate your overarching aims. You’ll meet your supervisor for a free 30-minute conversation to learn about each other, explore what you want from the supervision process and to understand more about your development and wellbeing goals. You’ll then both decide if the partnership will work.
Clients can then purchase single sessions of either 1, 1.5 or 2 hours in length. Sessions are booked one at a time. Your supervisor will begin the process by drawing up a contract with you for how you might work together and establishing the goals for the session.

The role of the supervisor is to work with you in partnership as professional equals through consultative supervision, on your agenda and your learning needs. It is not to impose an agenda on you. Your supervisor will challenge and support you as a fellow professional, offering evaluative feedback and guidance as appropriate. You both agree to abide by the EMCC global code of ethics:

What to expect

Your supervisor will expect you to be ready for each session by being open-minded, invested in your own self-development, and, in group sessions, prepared for professional interaction with the group.

According to the contract you have agreed, you supervisor will facilitate normative, formative or restorative interactions, or a mix of the three, offering evaluative feedback and guidance as appropriate.

For example, in normative discussion, you will focus on you own clients and cases specific to you using the Seven-Eyed Model for supervision. In formative discussion, the supervisor will draw on their own expertise to help you develop your practice. This may include teaching models, sharing experience, imparting knowledge or using coaching techniques to help develop your business. In restorative discussion, the focus could be on your wellbeing, understanding your own strengths, or eradicating imposter syndrome.

You can bring anything that affects your coaching world to a coaching supervision session, be it your business model, clients or client relationships, personal wellbeing or personal learning and development needs.

During the session, you can expect your supervisor to help you explore options, advantages and disadvantages of different actions, listen actively and encourage you to find solutions to the issues you bring, ask challenging questions to enable you to explore themes in more depth and empower you to prioritise and plan how best to meet your own learning needs.


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