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Being an executive or senior leader at a school, federation or MAT can be an exhilarating, but enormously challenging gig. I’ve been there myself – from assistant head, to headteacher, to executive head and eventually Director of Education at a MAT, I’ve loved (nearly!) every moment of being able to change children’s and young people’s lives, as well as getting to develop and empower my teams to become the best forms of themselves.

But being a leader is a huge responsibility. You’re ultimately being paid to make the very best decisions you can for those in your care, which comes with the obligation to ensure that you’re in the best possible physical and mental shape to do so.

Schools are, rightly, incredibly vibrant and busy environments. As a leader, you walk the corridors, set the standards and invest time daily in the children, young people and adults in your care. Too often, however, leaders find themselves grappling with pressing challenges and big ideas of the moment during their own time.

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